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CoFBAT holds its first hybrid General Assembly on 15 and 16 November in Castellon, Spain

On 15 and 16 November, the fifth General Assembly of the CoFBAT project took place - and for the first time in hybrid format! Some partners met in Torrecid's office in Castellon, Spain, while others joined online. The Consortium had met in person only one other time, for the kick-off of CoFBAT back in November 2019.

On the first day, the meeting started with discussions surrounding management issues and proceeded to continue with presentations from the following Work Packages: Definition of use cases (WP2, led by Varta Storage), Materials development, optimisation and upscaling (WP3, led by Solvay), Process development for components and cell assembly (WP4, led by Cidetec), Testing and Characterisation of battery cells (WP5, led by CIC EnergiGUNE), Design and prototyping of 30Ah battery cell (WP6, led by Varta Microbattery). After that, the partners present in loco got the opportunity to visit together the showroom of the Torrecid company.

On the second day of meeting, the remaining Work Packages were presented: Life cycle analysis, cost assessment and recycling (WP7, led by Mimitech) and Dissemination, exploitation strategy and business plan (WP8, led by EASE). Partners also discussed the possibility of holding future workshops within the project's topics and had another joint visit: this time to Torrecid's manufacturing site!


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