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Here are some projects we endorse, with similar interests and complementary assets that gather forces with us:  

Cobalt-free technology innovation

Cost-effective solutions

Meet the market needs

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Related Projects



3beLiEVe aims at delivering the 3b generation of LNMO cells for the electrified vehicles market of 2025 and beyond. 3beLiEVe technology is free of critical raw materials (cobalt and natural graphite), scalable and sustainable, aiming at 12.7 GWh production by 2025 and 33.7 GWh in 2030, for a market ranging from 1.1 to 2.5 billion €/year, i.e. 7% of the global manufacturing capacity.



The Li-ion cell innovations should meet specific technical and economical requirements to sustain the market growth. The all-solid Li-ion technology appears to be one of the relevant options but it still has to be brought to higher TRL to be economically and environmentally friendly for a mass production compatible process. The ASTRABAT project aims to find optimal solid-state cell materials, components and architecture that are well suited to the demands of the electric vehicle market and compatible with mass production. The project will comply with improved safety demands and industrial standards.



COBRA aims to develop a novel Co-free Li-ion battery technology that overcomes many of the current shortcomings faced by Electrical Vehicle (EV) batteries via the enhancement of each component in the battery system in a holistic manner. The project will result in a unique battery system that merges several sought after features, including superior energy density, low cost, increased cycles and reduced critical materials.



ECO2LIB project focuses on the cycle related costs per energy: €/kWh/cycle. An extended LCA, cradle-to-grave will be setup to judge the environmental impact of the different options and to choose the best. ECO2LIB project name stands for both ECO-aspects: ECOlogical and ECOnomical. ECO2LIB project will continue the improvement of the well-established Lithium-Ion system with advanced materials, methods and corresponding recycling-concept. ECO2LIB is the continuation of the successful work that started with the Sintbat project, active from 2016 to 2020.


The SeNSE proposal aims at enabling next generation lithium-ion batteries with a silicon-graphite composite anode and a nickel-rich NMC cathode to reach 750 Wh/L. Cycling stability is the key challenge for the adoption of this cell chemistry. To improve the sustainability of the battery and to lower production cost, the content of the critical raw materials cobalt and natural graphite will be reduced.


The NAIMA project will develop and test a new generation of high-competitive and safety Na-Ion cells with the long-term ambition to unseat the current and future Li-based technologies, nowadays controlled by the Asian industry. Within the framework of the project, 3 SIB prototypes will be tested in 3 multi-scale Business Scenarios to provide solid evidences about the competitiveness of the technology in 3 real ESS environments (renewable generation, industry and private household) through the application of an assessment and monitoring protocol.

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