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We should use cobalt-free batteries, according to a brief article by Samson Lai

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

In a recent Fresh Air interview, Samson Lai heard about the sources of the cobalt we use in batteries, which inspired him to write an article for IFE. He comments ‘As a researcher and partner in the CoFBAT Project where we're developing an advanced cobalt-free battery, it really made me reflect on the meaning not just my work but the true social impact of all the science we do.’

When I started working on the CoFBAT project nearly 4 years ago, I knew very little about the supply chain of cobalt but that experience has spurred me to pay more attention to it and other critical raw materials we use in batteries. I wrote this article because I feel the knowledge about where the materials in our batteries come from is still not well known to us as the general public, but at the same time, we are using more and more of such batteries in our daily lives, like in these electric scooters that are often mistreated. If we all knew the true cost of what it takes to make a battery, I think we would treat them with more care and respect.

Link to the interview:


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