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The results from WP5 of CoFBAT presented at the Power of the Future Conference in Vitoria, Spain

The event brought together 140 leading professionals from all over the world from 5 to 8 July and provided an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in advanced materials, sustainability, safety and manufacturability in the field of batteries.

The organisation has particularly highlighted the capability and proficiency level of the industry to start production of solid-state batteries, and the presentation of new breakthroughs in alternative metal-ion technologies to lithium, such as sodium or potassium.

During the 4 days of this event, CIC energiGUNE presented with a poster the main results from the characterisation activities that the center is leading within CoFBAT. The title of the poster was “Diagnostic analysis of the degradation mechanisms of HV gel-polymer lithium batteries” and it led to very interesting discussion with other international researchers from the battery field.


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