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Interview with Torrecid

For a chance to get to know better the works of the project, we are introducing to you a series of interviews with our project partners, who will provide an insight into their experiences and tasks of the project.


This interview takes place with

Carlos Concepcion Heydorn

from Torrecid.

Torrecid ( is a multinational business group, founded in 1963 and dedicated to supply products, services, solutions and future trends to the ceramic and glass sectors. Torrecid ‘s commitment with customers is based not only in providing products but technical assistance, innovation ,summarized with the mission “Provoke the Change through the Global Leadership in Innovation to generate New Solutions and Future Trends to provide the Best Competitive Advantages and the Maximum Added Value” .

What is the role of your organization in the CoFBAT project? What about your role?

Torrecid is developing cobalt free anode materials by cost competitive technologies.In addition, Torrecid is coordinator of CoFBAT proposal. My role is the coordination of the project and together with my colleague Oscar Ruiz we optimize the upscaling of process for the synthesis of ceramic anode material.

How do you see the cooperation between the project partners?

CoFBAT project gathers 19 partners from 8 countries, from Industry and Research centers. As coordinating Partner we are very satisfied with the work of the consortium and the fast and without barriers cooperation among partners. During the first months we had to deal with Covid-19, but the consortium has worked quickly recovering downtime. I would also like to thank European Commission as well as our project Officer for their support.

What applications and benefits are expected to be achieved at the end of project?

Torrecid expects to develop ceramic electrode active materials providing a business line with high added value enabling European Companies to be more competitive. Also and as an intangible value to strengthen relations with European companies and research centres.


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