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Interview with SOLVAY

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

For a chance to get to know better the works of the project, we are introducing to you a series of interviews with our project partners, who will provide an insight into their experiences and tasks of the project.


This interview takes place with Fernand Gauthy (on the left), Dominique Bascour (on the right) from SOLVAY.

SOLVAY is a multi-specialty chemical group working at the forefront of innovation in fields of chemistry and materials. Its headquarter is in Brussels; the Group is present in 61 countries around the world and has a strong European footprint with 44% of its workforce in the EU.

What is the role of your organization in the CoFBAT project? What about your role?

SOLVAY will develop and optimise the Gel Polymer Electrolyte (GPE) electrodes and the separator. SOLVAY is the WP3 leader and coordinates the efforts of the other partners involved in the raw material design. The anode active materials are developed by CEA and IFE and the cathode active material is developed by TOPSOE. Within the WP3, VMB supports in terms of later transferability to the VMB pilot line process. ABEE will support SOLVAY with the global performance assessment at lab level. Mimi will provide general recommendations and consultations, creating approaches such as the avoiding of production waste, reducing the amount of water and consumables or at least the use of environmental-friendly additives and chemicals.

What challenges have you met during the work with the CoFBAT project? How did you overcome them?

Several challenges arise during the first year of this CoFBAT project. The main is certainly the COVID-19 situation, with the slowdown of activities and the impossibility to travel for general meeting. This was overcome thanks to the agility of all partners. From technical point of view,the development of GPE compatible with all the partners’ material was the main challenge, and the possibility to have access to each material and to exchange easily information between partnershas allow to reach stable formulation and provide it to CoFBAT participants.

How do you see the cooperation between the project partners?

It worked very well. We have regular meeting with open and constructive discussions.


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