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Interview with EASE

For a chance to get to know better the works of the project, we are introducing to you a series of interviews with our project partners, who will provide an insight into their experiences and tasks of the project.


This interview takes place with Emin Aliyev from EASE.

The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is an umbrella association representing organisations active across the entire energy storage value chain. EASE supports the deployment of energy storage to support the cost-effective transition to a resilient, climate-neutral, and secure energy system. Established in 2011, the association is the leading member-supported organisation and represents over 50 members including utilities, technology suppliers, research institutes, distribution system operators, and transmission system operators.

What is the role of your organization in the CoFBAT project? What about your role?

EASE is leading communication and dissemination activities of the project. Promoting the action and its results is our primary goal and EASE cares a lot about effective and strategic ways of doing relevant process. Backed by strong experience and skills in EU projects EASE is providing CoFBAT’s targeted information to multiple audiences as defined in project proposal. We work also with our project partners such as Varta and other industry players to increase the impact with exploitation activities.

How do you see the cooperation between the project partners?

This is collaborative project and we strive working closely with all partners with different cultural background and skillset. The nature of our main activity under the project gives us good ground to encourage partners to collaborate and get best outcomes in the right time and context before disseminating them effectively.

What challenges have you met during the work with the CoFBAT project?

As communication leader, due to the complexity and technicality of project research and development, deployment of right communication strategies always represents a main challenge. This covers from identification of topics of interest, relevant outcomes, engagement of audiences, social media, “translation” of research inputs into easy-to-understand messages, etc. Covid19 situation is also pushing EASE to review strategies and opt best implementation plans so that we can create expected impact from the project.

What do you like more about CoFBAT?

CoFBAT is unique project since it aims to bring innovators together in an effort to come up with answers to the major challenges identified by the European Commission. This requires close and seamless collaboration between partners located almost in every big regions of Europe. The project aims to create next generation cobalt free batteries with specific objectives. Therefore, it is special honour for EASE to be part of big collaborative project with such unique results. To achieve this, a powerful consortium, including research organisations, industry players, association as full partners and also public entities as stakeholders is putting forward all efforts given current challenges we have been witnessing.


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