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Installing batteries in buildings for stationary applications - Bouygues Energies

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Partner Bouygues Energies and Services has conducted research on installing batteries for stationary applications in buildings.

Due to the gel electrolyte and lack of cobalt in these new batteries, a safer storage system will result from their use. For the end user to agree to the installation of storage inside the building, this is a crucial benefit.

These storages can also be used in buildings to enhance electrical car charging (especially in existing buildings where the electrical installation is not strong enough to support the simultaneous charge of several electrical vehicles).

We also expect to obtain more compact batteries. This is an advantage in building applications as the space in a building is expensive e,specially in towns and building owners are reluctant to dedicate a lot of space for this type of application.

The batteries will primarily be used for stationary applications in buildings to store locally produced electricity and use it immediately for domestic use.


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