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Innovation Management in CoFBAT

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

By Noshin Omar, CoFBAT Innovation Manager, Avesta Battery & Energy Engineering

The CoFBAT concept and innovation strategy consists of developments of new battery materials and components aiming at a new design for a modular battery concept suitable for different stationary applications. The development proposed in the project aims to push the safety beyond the existing gel polymer electrolyte technology while at the same time allowing the high voltage cobalt-free cathode.

The challenging issue of developing high energy density and safer batteries will be addressed by developing high voltage and high capacity active materials along with novel high voltage gel electrolyte.

Impact of developed materials will be evaluated to achieve the cost target, by analyzing multiple parameters such as electrolyte additives, interface processing, chemistry combinations, electrode formulations, optimum cell balancing, conditioning, cycling protocols and so on. The final combination of materials will be validated in 30Ah prismatic cells (TRL 6).

CoFBAT will have a strong environmental impact through the recovery/recycling of critical materials like lithium and nickel, but also non-critical commodities like manganese, silicon, titanium and niobium. This means that the secondary production of these metals will imply less CO2 emission and waste in comparison to the primary material processing route and avoiding environmentally harmful acids like HF. This green recycling process will as such enhance the recycling efficiency of these metals and contribute strongly to the circular economy of these metals in Europe.

The CoFBAT consortium compromises of industrial manufacturers of batteries and storage systems (VMB, VMI, VS), industrial experts in energy performance and services (BYES, VDL), material developers (SLV, TOP and TOR), research organizations and universities (CICe, CID, CEA, LEITAT, IFE, VUB, UU, Mimi) and an engineering and battery system maker (ABEE). As such, the proposed consortium represents a unique mix of industry leading expertise and knowledge centers that enables the consortium to respond completely to the project challenges and objectives, hereby assuring the realisation of the key project results.


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