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CoFBAT hosts its first online event

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

On March 10th, 2021, the first out of three webinars was held online. More than 40 attendees, of which half were attendees from outside the consortium, listened to five presentations dealing with the topic of Advanced materials for new generation storage batteries.

After a short introduction on the CoFBAT project by the coordinator Carlos Concepcion Heydorn, three presentations followed on the material challenges for next generation storage batteries. Samson Lai, scientist at the Battery Technology Department of IFE, Norway showed how IFE and CEA are working towards solutions for higher energy and higher safety/stability for respectively Si-based and TiNb2O7 (TNO) anode materials. Jonathan Højberg, project leader of LNMO material development at Haldor Topsoe presented some insights into the Cobalt free LNMO cathode material which Topsoe is optimizing and refining, and which will be part of the CoFBAT prototype cell. The last presentation on the material challenges was held by Dominique Bascour, Research Scientist – SSBA laboratory at Solvay. He showed how Solvay is working on a gel polymer electrolyte which will ensure higher safety of the battery technology.


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