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CoFBAT project hosts its final event

The CoFBAT project's culminating event, held in Brussels, Belgium on March 21, 2024, provided an extensive overview of the main goals, noteworthy accomplishments, and expected outcomes of the project. This one-day event, which took place at Brussels' BluePoint, was intended to draw attention to the noteworthy work that has been done throughout the CoFBAT project and to encourage lively conversations amongst experts, academics, and important stakeholders.

A number of roundtable discussions were held during the event with the goal of encouraging thought-provoking discussions about the project's pursuits and outlining a course for future endeavours. In addition to discussing noteworthy results and exploring opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration beyond the project's conclusion, participants had the chance to delve into the nuances of the project's primary goals.

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of important stakeholders, including representatives from research institutions, industry partners, and academic institutions. Their collective expertise and insights contributed to a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the field of battery technology.

The agenda for the event was structured to cover various aspects of the CoFBAT project, with keynote presentations and roundtable discussions focusing on key themes such as materials development, cell assembly, testing, modeling, prototype development, and end-user engagement.

The morning session kicked off with an overview of the CoFBAT objectives and major results, followed by a keynote presentation by CINEA, providing valuable insights into the broader context of the project. Subsequent roundtable discussions delved into specific areas of focus, including materials development, cell assembly, testing, and modeling, featuring contributions from organisations such as CID, IFE, TOR, TOP, SLV, CEA, CICe, and VUB.

During the lunch break, participants had the opportunity to explore a hardware exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in battery technology, providing a hands-on opportunity to interact with cutting-edge research and innovation.

The afternoon session commenced with another keynote presentation by Montse Casas, highlighting advancements in battery materials and energy storage. This was followed by a roundtable discussion focusing on prototype development and end-user engagement, featuring contributions from organisations such as VMB, VI, VS, VDL, and BYES.

The event concluded with a keynote presentation by Nicolas Bucher, highlighting the Eco2Lib project and its relevance to the broader landscape of sustainable energy solutions. Closing remarks were delivered, providing an opportunity to reflect on the discussions and insights shared throughout the day followed by a networking coffee.

All things considered, the CoFBAT project's culminating event offered a useful venue for interested parties to gather, commemorate successes, and open the door for further partnerships and advancements in the field of battery technology.


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