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CoFBAT hosts its 9th General Assembly

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

The 9th General Assembly of CoFBAT just ended, marking a critical turning point in the organisation's cooperative efforts to enhance battery innovation and technology. A thoughtfully organised meeting in the city of Ninove, hosted by ABEE, created an environment conducive to a productive exchange of ideas and updates on consortium members' progress. The CoFBAT project has a bright future ahead of it and expects a busy six months full of exciting new developments.

Throughout the two days of the assembly, attendees explored a variety of important subjects and exercises. Examining the most recent technological developments in the field was the focus of the first day. Notably, VMB provided an early look at the next generation of batteries by showcasing the first prototypes of the revolutionary 21700 cells. Concurrently, notable advancements were achieved in the creation and assessment of 500mAh batteries utilising titanium niobate and cobalt-free cathodes. By sharing their developments with Si-Graphite anodes and GPE electrodes, CIDETEC and CiCenerigune added to the project's thorough grasp of cutting-edge materials and technologies.

With an emphasis on recycling initiatives and communication activities, the second day of the assembly was just as productive. As the consortium's representative, the EASE project partner gave a thorough explanation of their continuous efforts to interact with stakeholders and advance the CoFBAT project through communication. Members were informed about the most recent recycling status, highlighting the project's dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainability. The project's advanced battery cells can be managed and put to new uses thanks to the creative ideas presented by Mimetech during their presentation on recycling concepts and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methods.

As the assembly drew to an end, CoFBAT partners had the chance to visit ABEE's state-of-the-art facilities to deepen their understanding even further. This practical experience created a sense of collaboration among all involved, providing a unique insight into the practical aspects of the work being carried out within the consortium.


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