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CoFBAT at the Nordic Battery Conference (NordBatt) 2022

Our partner IFE has participated in the NordBatt 2022 Conference from 26 until 28 October 2022. The event was hosted at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Nordic Battery Conference gathers the battery community located in the Nordic and Baltic countries. It provides an emphasis on battery research with respect to the Nordic local economies and regulatory environment as well as awarding outstanding students for their work. This edition of NordBatt also had special participation from industry actors and policymakers in the Nordics who provided their perspective on both technical and social issues like gender equality and sustainability.

During the conference, Dr. Samson Y. Lai from IFE has presented a poster for the CoFBAT project and has held discussions with other conference attendees. Partner IFE has attended the event as it was highly relevant to CoFBAT’s topic, and the partner was aware that many important collaborators and potential actors to collaborate with would be at the event. The Nordic conference community also has a stronger focus on the sustainability aspect of battery research, which fits well with the cobalt reduction goal of CoFBAT.


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