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CoFBAT at the Graz Battery Days 2022

From 19 until 21 September 2022, partner VARTA Innovation (VI) participated in the Graz Battery Days in Austria.

The Graz Battery days were dedicated to discussing and present ‘Tools to Tackle the Challenges of Lithium-Ion Battery Technology’. In this context, well established and recently developed analytical methods were presented, focusing on the exchange of knowledge between international electrochemical energy storage experts. This comprised advanced analytic tools for material and cell investigation and analytic tools and sensors in cell and battery pack production.

VI took the opportunity to disseminate the CoFBAT project by presenting a poster and could trigger interesting talks with scientific and industrial partners. Especially the high potential of CoFBAT cathode materials and the novel GPE membrane approach demand a detailed investigation of electrolyte/ membrane and active material stability and accordingly intensive analytic investigations will be necessary to achieve market readiness. Further the limited compressibility without particle cracking can be investigated by various SEM techniques.

Around 80 attendees participated at the conference.


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