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Battery2030+ Publishes its Roadmap for Sustainable Batteries of the Future

Battery 2030+ is an EU-funded project launched in March 2019, currently supported by a Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action (CSA). It is based on a multi-disciplinary and cross-sectorial approach with support both from the industry and academia. The core group consists of 17 partners, leaders in their fields, from nine different European countries.

The BATTERY 2030+ community works on concrete actions that support the implementation of the European Green Deal, The UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the European Action Plan on Batteries and the SET Plan. The BATTERY 2030+ aims are:

  • To invent ultra-high performance batteries that are safe, affordable, and sustainable with a long lifetime;

  • To provide new tools and breakthrough technologies to the European battery industry across the full value chain;

  • To enable long-term European leadership in existing markets and future emerging applications (robotics, aerospace, medical devices, internet of things etc.).

BATTERY 2030+ has recently published a Roadmap for Sustainable Batteries of the Future, which underlines the research needs for the battery value chain in the future. It follows a chemistry neutral approach, in order to support equally all technologies at present day and the many more that may come.

The document is the result of a wide stakeholder consultation that took place in the last year, involving important battery researchers from all over Europe. The final result was a Roadmap divided in three main themes:

The Battery 2030+ Roadmap aims to be a living document, adaptable to the research needs and developments of the future. It seeks to be an ally in the development of batteries that will support the energy transition.


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